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Intuitive Psychic Medium


Mediumship is the gift of communicating with those who have passed on. It is about providing evidence that our loved ones are still present in our lives. When spirit communicates through a medium, sometimes they have a message to pass on, sometimes they just want to provide you with evidence so you know they are still present, but it is always about providing what your soul needs to help you heal and be at peace.


I am an intuitive medium who has a passion for helping people connect to their loved ones. I believe that through the beautiful gift of mediumship people can heal, find peace and know that their loved ones are still with them, even if they are no longer physically here.


Mandy M.

I have been to several mediums over the years and I can say that Trina is the absolute best medium that I have ever been to. It is difficult for me to put into words how amazing she is.  Trina is down to earth, warm and funny. She did a reading for my husband and I, he had never been to a medium before and was a bit of a skeptic however she put him at ease right away. Trina brought forward my brother, my dad and my husband's dad. She was so on point with their different personalities and messages and validated so many things for us. The messages that she shared from them gave us information and closure on current and past family issues. It was absolutely a wonderful experience.

Sandra M.

I first met Trina at a paranormal Fair. I was so fortunate to be able to get a reading from her. I had lost a grandson at 3 years old and needed some help in closure. It wasn't long before she connected with my grandson. I knew it was him because he explained things that went on the day he passed away. He explained that he's there with his great grandpa. I knew it was my father, Trina confirmed it and validated everything. She has done many readings for me, every single one of them were correct. Trina is a five star reader; you can count on her. She has read for family members and friends and has never been wrong yet. I'm so grateful to have her in my life.

Brenda K.

Trina is amazing!! Right on with the spirit guides with her readings, very empowering and an amazing spiritual loving person.

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