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As a professional intuitive medium, I am happy to share my gift with all of my clients. My hope is that through my gift of intuition and mediumship I can help give guidance to those with current life concerns or to connect them once more to a loved one in spirit. 



I will connect you to your loved ones who have passed over. I am kind and considerate and feel it’s a privilege to be the bridge between this world and the next. I will bring forth evidence from the spirit world and your loved ones so you may know that they have not left you, but are very much still with you. This type of session can bring much needed healing, peace and any closure you may seek.


Please note that although I try my best to bring forth the specific loved one you wish to connect with I can not guarantee who will show up. Just like us your loved ones have free will and can choose whether to come or not.

Cost: $125 for 30-45 minutes

Contact Medium Trina to book



I will provide you with the help of spirit to give you extra guidance in love, relationships, family, career, finance and many other areas. This is an interactive type reading, so you will be able to ask questions and participate. Sometimes you just need some guidance to help get you back on track. This session will give you the confidence and guidance to move you forward.


Please note, with a soul reading you always have free will, which can potentially change your path or direction in regards to your future. In this type of reading I will look at your potential outcomes, but due to your free will, those potentials could change. Please come with your questions.

Cost: $125 for 30-45 minutes

Contact Medium Trina to book



I enjoy sharing the gift of Mediumship with others. This not only includes performing readings for others but also helping others to develop their own medium skills. Join a beginning class and discover your own spiritual power. Or, sign up for an intermediate class if you have already discovered your own gift and want to really hone your skills and learn the techniques that will allow you to grow and expand your potential.

Classes are held in the Greater Sacramento, California area.

Contact Trina for availability and to find out which class will be the best fit for you.



Looking for just a mini reading? Or do you have a small group of family and friends who would like a mini reading? Trina does small group readings on a regular basis. These small group readings are 2 people minimum and  6 - 8 people maximum and everyone who attends receives a 10 - 15 minute reading, either from spirit or a loved one, given by Trina.


Cost: $50/person groups 6 or over

          $75/person for groups less than 6 people

Contact Trina for upcoming dates and times to join a small group, or schedule a private group reading for your family and friends.

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